My checklist.

I have decided to go about self-publishing my novel. Woo-hoo! Kind of. I am nowhere near ready, as my novel hasn’t even been reviewed by a single soul. However, the process is a little daunting and overwhelming so I’m making a checklist to get things in order. 

– Edit the book. (a given)

– Give it to a few people who actually have time to read it, and willing to give honest feedback.

– Create my author FB page(and probably deactivate my regular one). 

– Write a synopsis. 

– Pay someone a large sum of money I don’t have to design a cover. 

– Sign up for Amazon.

– The blog tour(eek!) 

– Promote, make the book page on FB. 

– Um…release it?

– Die. 

Okay so the list will get more detailed as I progress. It’s a start. Any sort of detail or step that I missed, or some tips would be appreciated. Like I’ve stated before, this is new and nerve-wracking to me. 


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