I gave my novel to 2 people close to me so they can read it and give their opinion. 

Small steps.

Until now, I was so hesitant to let anyone read it. My novels are more personal than my diary(if I were to have a diary, I mean). Although they are entirely fiction, I do incorporate a lot of personal experiences and emotions in their plots. Because of that, I feel a little strange letting people I know read it. 

The bright side to this is that people I don’t know reading it can’t link it to any part of me at all. If all goes well, more of them will be reading it than people I do know. 

If not, well, at least I have the whole “Hello, it’s FICTION. Made up story, remember?” argument under my belt. 


2 thoughts on “So…

  1. I guess it takes experience to really draw yourself away from your novel. Now I have no problem with people reading what I’ve written–and I have no problem with this not only because I am published but also because I’ve always wanted to be published. When I started sending ARCs out of my currently published book, surprisingly, I was not freaked out in doing so. I know a lot of authors who are scared to hand out their ARCs because they know these ARCs are going out for reviews, but I suppose I just don’t think about that when giving out ARCs. I just think, ‘My book’s published anyway, so I can’t do much after this, whatever the reviews may be.’

    • I’m not very worried about the reviews or opinions on it. I know that there are probably going to be mixed opinions and a few people will not like it. I’m okay with that. I’ve just always been afraid that people will draw conclusions about ME from what I’ve written, even when the scenario has nothing to do with me and never has. But there is, unfortunately, a back-story with that, so I think I will always have anxiety about it.

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