Scrolling through FB, found this little gem.

In my “notes” section. Remember when writing notes was a “thing” on Facebook, usually consisting of a random survey or two? And you tagged your friends in the notes even though the two had nothing to do with each other? Maybe that was just some lame post-high school thing. I don’t think there is even an option to write a note anymore. 

Anyway, I’m totally guilty of those silly survey questions and most of my notes are filled with them. This one, like the others, is pretty lame but at least it pertains to writing and made me think a little bit about my own writing, which I never do. 

So here it is! 10 ways you know a story was written by me:

1. The main character, or one of them, is always female. I want to explore every single thing about my characters and honestly I have no clue how guys think.
2. There is an equal amount of internal and external conflict, i.e. it’s not all action but it’s not all in the character’s head either.
3. The situations the characters face are always possible and more than likely happening to someone right now. I base everything off of reality, even though it’s always fiction.
4. The characters are usually complex but not too much. I try to set them up where they have traits that some people like and some people hate, so there are not really any ‘bad’ or ‘good’ ones, like people in real life.
5. Things rarely, rarely just ‘fall into place’ in my novels, and a lot of times the character is still dealing with a conflict at the end. There are no happy endings, but usually the character has learned their lesson or to cope better with the problem at hand.
6. There is a lot of emphasis on why characters or situations are the way they are and how they got that way, so that readers understand that everything happens for a reason, and everything has its consequences.
7. It’s usually in first person point of view.
8. I try to deal with issues that a lot of people face so that maybe they can learn through my novel and not the hard way. The characters don’t usually make the right choice the first time around since life is pretty much about learning as you go along.
9. There aren’t any chapters, but I can’t say that is something I’ll never try.
10. They are always the same length. Maybe the next one will be longer. *

*This survey was taken 2 years ago. In that time frame I’ve written another novel, and that one is a bit longer than the other 2.


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