Black Thanksgiving

Well, I typed out this long thing about how sad it is that big stores are starting Black Friday sales as early as 5 pm Thanksgiving night when employees should be with their families and all that….and then my son tapped the side of the computer screen and everything disappeared. So my original point may be lost because I don’t have another hour to start over but this morning I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed. 

After some poking around, I learned that some of the stores like Best Buy and Target are starting Black Friday on Thanksgiving night. Now of course not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving and not everyone wants to be around their family that day. But for those that do and are working at one of these stores, is it really fair to force them into working the Black Thursday shift with threat of giving them the boot? The bulk of those employees are high school kids. 

No, I’m not saying to boycott these stores, or boycott Black Friday/Thursday. Yes, I will be boycotting Black Friday but I do every year because I live in New York City, where a mother will stomp on a baby’s head to grab the last GTA V for her 2 year old son. I will not be leaving the house on that day.

But maybe because I do live in the city and am a first-hand witness to obsessive greed, so therefore I am biased, but I think a good hard look at our culture is needed when the holidays start on Halloween and Black Friday replaces Thanksgiving. In 10 years, our children won’t even know the origin behind these supposedly family-oriented holidays. Yes, getting and giving good presents is fun, but honestly, is it worth it? Is it worth the thick, heavy blanket of stress covering everyone’s head from October 31st to December 26th? Is it worth teaching our children that nothing is more important than money and what you can buy with it? 

I guess only time will tell. 


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