Book Review: The Elect (Allison’s Story)

Title: The Elect
Author: Elle Todd
Release Date: July 31, 2013
Publisher: Amazon/author
Pages: 357
Format: e-book

Synopsis: Allison Noble never liked the Baileys. They were too good-looking, too popular, too charming to be legitimate. For most of their high school career she avoided the pair, convinced their outward affability was just a ruse to disguise their true character. Okay, yeah, she’s a little neurotic. Even so, she never suspected that what they were hiding was dangerous. It never occurred to her that they might have abilities based more in fiction than reality. Why would it? People can’t produce fire with their bare hands. There are no such things as mind control and telekinesis. Except, she discovers, there are.
The Baileys are Elect, gifted with supernatural powers Allison is able to not only sense, but use herself. In the history of the Elect, there has never been one such as she, and with good reason. Because she wasn’t born to such power, she has a difficult time controlling it. Accidents happen, putting them all at risk. As others draw near—some who wish to protect her, others who want to destroy her—she is forced to uncover the secrets of her past, and face the consequences of being what her own kind refers to as an abomination.

My rating:
Characters: The two main characters are Allison, told in her point of view, and her best friend Delaney. They are both around 16 years old with average lives and attend high school in a small town in Ohio. Allison is very shy and closed off, and quick to assume the worst about people. This can be a little off-putting, but once I read about her parents, I could understand why she jumped to conclusions so quickly. With her witty remarks and impulsivity, I immediately took a great liking to Delaney that lasted through the entire novel. The other characters include Allison’s mom, a typical, loving, stressed-out single mother, and 3 boys that go to Allison’s high school: Ryan, Jeremy, and Nate. All of them seemed like cool, average high school guys except for Ryan. I shared Allison’s viewpoint when she scorned him for treating his girlfriend so carelessly in the beginning.
Plot: These 5 high school teens are part of The Elect, a group of people who inherited special talents such as mind-bending(called “pushing”), fire manipulation, and being able to see other’s memories. Allison finds out she has all of these special powers plus more, which was evidently unheard of and dangerous since she didn’t know how to control them. The book mostly tells about how Allison found out about her powers and how she copes with having them, until she loses control and must face the consequences of unleashing too much power at once. The events flowed smoothly and the plot remained interesting throughout the entire novel. I was surprised and heartbroken about the ending, but there is a sequel so I’m hoping my spirits will be lifted after reading that.
Writing: Todd has a way with words, to put it simply. The descriptions, sentence structure, and plot development are on point. The novel caught and kept my attention from beginning to end. Her characters were likeable and easily related to, with believable flaws and quirks. With paranormal, the ideas come completely from the author’s mind and sometimes aren’t conveyed well enough to make sense. There was no such issue in this novel. The complexity of The Elect was explained clearly and easily understood.
I would absolutely recommend this to any lover of YA novels, paranormal or contemporary. The paranormal element stood out but there were enough realistic situations to make the whole story believable. All in all, a well-written, interesting read.

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One thought on “Book Review: The Elect (Allison’s Story)

  1. I enjoyed reading this review and appreciated the thoroughness without spoilers. I’ve been following Elle Todd’s blog for a few weeks and have enjoyed her posts. Perhaps it’s time I gave her book a try! It certainly sounds interesting.

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