Author Spotlight: F.W. Pinkerton


Bio:  F.W. Pinkerton was born in Luton U.K. 
I have always enjoyed writing and am one of life’s daydreamers. I think being whisked away to a different world is sometimes much better than the reality of everyday life. So to that end, when I write, I get caught up in the everyday lives of the characters. A lot of what they think and feel is an extension of who I am or would aspire to be.
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What all have you written? Include everything: Treacle Mountain is the first book I have written that I have let out in public. I have a few others which I will at some point go back and edit/rewrite but this book was the one that really took hold and the story just flowed.

Where can we buy or see them?: At the moment its available on Amazon Kindle and I have just finished the paperback version. Which should be up to buy in early 2014. Just reading the proof copy through at the moment.

Tell us a little bit about your main character: Annie is someone who has always tried to be good and treat people with respect. Even if life does not reciprocate it back. She’s had a tough time growing up and had no real moral guidance or a parent to show her what is right and wrong but deep down I think she knows that for herself. She is feisty, fiercely loyal and someone who once a friend, would be a friend for life, sadly due to her world she has kept herself closed off and never really made any, as she finds it hard to trust people. She is worried In case they leave her or let her down. Deep down all she wants is someone to love her for her and to have a family.

What are you working on at the minute?: I am nearly finished writing book two of Annie’s Story, then the hard work begins of editing it.

What is it about?: I don’t want to say too much about it, as it would be a spoiler to book one. But it basically leads on from where book one finished.Book one could be read as a standalone and i wrote it like that, but if people want to know what happens next then they can read on. I would like to think they would want to.

What genre are your books?: That’s a difficult question. I just write the stories that are flowing around in my brain rather than writing for a specific genre. I think my book is part thriller,part mystery,part romance. a little bit New Adult (as Annie is 17) but really I did find it hard to put it into a specific category. Every time someone reads it I ask them what they think, as it all helps me. I enjoy reading Romance novels and chic lit as I am soppy & romantic at heart, so have also started writing a romance novel.

Do you have to do research for your books?: Yes I spend quite a lot of time researching. I enjoy learning new things and facts, so am happy to put the time in as its educational for me as well. For this book I spent quite a lot of time on goggle, looking at street maps and reading about New York. It’s somewhere I would one day love to visit.

When did you decide to become a writer?: I don’t think I ever did really, it just sort of happened over time. I have always enjoyed reading and writing.However I didn’t really think about putting a book out there till I thought I had written something people might really like to read. I have written a few books over the years but have gradually gotten better at expressing myself,getting my stories onto paper and the editing process but am still learning everyday. I think Kindle and the whole E-book indie world finally made it possible for me to go from my initial ideas to a finished book.

Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages per day?: I try and write every afternoon/evening when I finish work.I am a normal hardworking person with a full time job but have tried to be very disciplined in when I write. My chapters tend to be quite long and I never like to leave a chapter unfinished. So I aim for 2 – 5k a day. Sometimes less sometimes more. I do seem to spend quite a bit of time now though with promotion/reading about book marketing. It was actually easier when I only had the book to concentrate on while still in the writing process,

Do you work on an outline or plot before you start writing?: I carry a notepad with me and make notes then put that into a word document every day. So I have some direction and lots of book ideas but a lot of the time I just start writing and see where it takes me. I have a lot of first chapters !!! …but sometimes I go back and carry on. I usually know if I am onto something when I want to carry on writing and writing 😀 !

What is the hardest thing about writing?: I am dyslectic, so do find it can be a struggle sometimes, but it makes me who I am and I just get on with it. It gives me my creative side. I was never one to let anything hold me back if I feel passionately about it! (I have actually found my writing improved no end when i started listening to dance music loud through headphones.(I have a long playlist).I somehow think it makes me distance myself from my environment and I strangely seem to be able to concentrate better.)

What is the easiest thing about writing?: I just love it. I find it a total escape from everyday life. I do tend to get very involved in my characters though as I think they kind of take over and then the words just flow. It’s total virtual reality immersion for me 🙂

How long on average does it take you to write a book?: That’s a difficult one, my first full length 120k novel took about three years to write…and it sits in a box gathering dust. But I will at some point rewrite it. Treacle Mountain took me probably about two months to actually write, but it flew by, as I got so involved in it. I would be typing away and suddenly realise it was 3 AM and I needed to be up for work in a few hours. Book two in Annie’s Story has probably taken me about three months, but that was mainly because I was quite distracted trying to get people to take a chance and read the first book.It Will probably take another month or so to edit.

Do you edit your book right after you finish or let it sit for awhile?: I tend to edit each chapter after I have written the next. Just the glaringly obvious typos or words my brain thought were there but were not…but then once the book is finished. I leave it a week or two then start again and again …

Who edited your book and how did you select him/her?: I self edited, but did get a couple of friends/parents to read it and point out anything they could find. I am gradually learning the words/phrases I need to look out for though. As there are a few common ones that I tend to type out without realising. So I have a list that I search for now when I am finished. I do find the writing process much easier than editing though if I am honest. I am sure most writers find it easier to spot errors in someone else’s writing than there own. I know I do.

How are you publishing this book and why?: I self published through AmazonKDP. As to why, well I think its a great story and I hope that everyone that reads it thinks so as well. To be honest if a random stranger enjoys my book then all the effort was well worth it .

How do you market your books?: I don’t think I am a natural marketer. I am naturally shy I suppose. I prefer being hidden away typing up my stories quietly, but I have realised you do need to do a bit of social media posting. Mentioning book on blogs etc etc just to try and get people to take the chance and read it. I hope eventually people will enjoy my books enough that word of mouth will help people to read what I write.

What do you do to get book reviews?: Goodreads/amazon/facebook and various blogs from the fab pro indie writer blogs that are about.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?: If you believe in a story then tell it. Try not to take criticism personally as its a great learning tool in how to improve and everyone has an opinion,so no one book is going to please or be liked by everyone .


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I would like to thank F.W. for his time in completing the interview. Stay tuned for my review of Treacle Mountain coming soon.


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