Book Review: A Punk Rock Love Song

A Punk Rock Love Song

Title: A Punk Rock Love Song
Author: C.I. DeMann
Release Date: November 9, 2013
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages: 300
Format: e-book

My rating: 
Characters: The novel is in first person, narrated by 16 year old Maggie, an awkward high schooler trying to get over her mother’s death. Other characters include her caring but alcoholic father, her awesome new friend Audrey, and a guy she has a super-crush on, Damian. This is one of the few novels I’ve read where I loved every character. You can’t not feel bad for Maggie and her situation, but she manages to put a humorous spin on everything that had me laughing more than crying. Not only were the characters likable, but they are very well developed and easy to imagine in real life.
Plot: Maggie has just lost her mother and is trying to deal with that in addition to her father’s drinking and of course, all the nuances of being a unknown high school sophomore. When she sees a band poster, she decides to take her late mother’s bass, practice, and try out. She doesn’t make it but she is surprised to find that she loves playing so she starts her own band. Since she puts herself out there, more people have the chance to see her warmth and charisma, helping her get over her past. Like I stated above, her story had me both laughing and crying.
Writing: The novel is written as a narrative with Maggie’s voice, and DeMann nailed it. I could honestly hear a shy 16 year old telling me her story as I was reading. Even though it is a young girl’s perspective, the descriptions and dialogue were realistic and intriguing. DeMann’s sentence structure and plot development are on-point. I would fully recommend A Punk Rock Love Song to all fans of young adult fiction, or anyone who has had a rough time and needs a laugh as well as a character to identify with.


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