Book Review: Treacle Mountain

Treacle Mountain (Annie's Story - #1 )

Title: Treacle Mountain
Author: F.W. Pinkerton
Release Date: August 28, 2013
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Pages: 303
Format: e-book

Synopsis: Growing up in a bad neighbourhood – just trying to get by and survive without support or love from any family or friends is all Annie has ever known. Can she now at the age of 17 make any difference and clean up the area she lives in when surrounded by drug dealers, prostitutes and generally the scum of society. Against all these odds will she ever be able to climb Treacle Mountain or always remain hidden away in the shadows crying alone?
Everyone has a bit of Annie in them: some choose to fight, some choose to lurk in the darkness and fly under life’s radar. Can Annie’s inner courage win and make a real difference?
Will a mysterious stranger change her life forever?
Set mainly in New York – Bronx
Contains adult language/ some sexual content

My rating:

Characters: The novel is in the point of view of Annie, a poor girl living in the Bronx. Other characters include Destiny, her best friend/lover, the Kims, a family that takes her in, and a mysterious figure that seems to be following Annie.
Plot: Annie is a poor girl living in the Bronx trying to tackle each day of her grim life. She works at a soup kitchen run by a pair of nasty girls who are involved in some shady business. As Annie tries to get back at them for treating her badly, she runs into a guy that keeps turning up everywhere and claiming he’s her “friend.” Turns out he actually is a friend, but that part comes later. The story is interesting, especially the end, but the characters except for Annie and the Kims are not very developed. The events were realistic and were strung together nicely.
Writing: This is the area that brought my rating down. Pinkerton’s sentence structure and vocabulary are great, but his grammar and punctuation needs some help. It was distracting and took away from the good things like the well-developed plot. Also, the setting is in the Bronx, but the characters all spoke and thought with British words and phrases. An editor or another set of eyes and a dictionary of American slang would have enhanced this unusual and entertaining story.


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