Book Review: The Peregrine Prophecy

The Peregrine Prophecy (Rithhek Cage Trilogy, #2)

Title: The Peregrine Prophecy (The Rithhek Cage Trilogy: Book 2)
Author: Darren T. Patrick
Release Date: December 4, 2013
Publisher: Darren T. Patrick
Pages: 283
Format: e-book

Synopsis: It’s been almost two months since Karsen Morgate fled Aystin, and he’s still running for his life. Colored with loss, death and betrayal, his journey has intersected with the nefarious Shroud and the deadly Fashwei, an ancient martial brotherhood trained in stealth and brutality.
With danger at every turn, Karsen does the only thing he knows to do: he keeps going. He still carries the Cloudstone carving bestowed upon him by Adept Noxyn, and is determined to deliver it to Adept Ghyre as he promised. The only problem is that Adept Ghyre is nowhere to be found—if he even still lives.
As Karsen slowly puts the pieces together, he comes to realize that his mission is more intricately tied up with the history of Tholann than he ever could have imagined—and more shockingly, it somehow involves the disappearance of his sister, Elysse, six years earlier. For it appears that Karsen himself is playing a central role in fulfilling an ancient prophecy, one that will bring him face to face with an unimaginably powerful evil, and lead him to the greatest mystery of them all:
The Rithhek Cage

My rating:
Characters: The novel is in third person and takes the point of view of a few characters, but the main one would probably be Karsen, an adventurous and somewhat nervous boy and brother to Petr, a temperamental, raging murder-machine. Other characters include the two Adepts helping Karsen translate the coveted carving he is smuggling around Tholann, and Karsen’s sister Elysse, who is supposedly being guided through the mysterious Rithhek Cage to find treasure with a man named Kahlryn, who has a more sinister agenda for her.
Plot: Karsen is stumbling around a part of Tholann unknown to him, under the impression that he is there by accident, until he finds who he is looking for: Adept Ghyre. Ghyre, disguised as a falcon, helps Karsen understand the real reason why he is the one holding the carving and why it’s so important. Karsen is then lead to Adept Leod and his bookstore, where he finds out the reason why it is so urgent for him to unlock the secrets of the Cage. Meanwhile, Kahlryn is leading Elysse to the same spot with the promise of her finding Rithhek treasure. His secret plan, however, would devastate the human population of Tholann so it is up to Karsen to fufill his duty to stop him. This is the second book of the trilogy, and I didn’t read the first one. I didn’t need to, since this book tells the story so clearly.
Writing: Patrick’s story-telling ability combined with great sentence structure and awesome vocabulary is what really makes this novel a winner. I also enjoyed the dialogue, which helped me learn quite a bit about the characters themselves.The fantasy element is very heavy but the story is told so well that it was easy for me to understand exactly what was happening, and interesting enough throughout the entire novel to keep the pages turning. I would recommend The Peregrine Prophecy to all lovers of fantasy and I’m definitely interested in reading the third novel.


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