A synopsis among other things.

First, I would like to say thank you to everyone who is still following me after I’ve been kind of driven off track a little. I know I am not updating as much, but I am still reading books for review, still working on publishing my novel, and starting the second one (yay!). Oh, and of course working, taking care of my sons, and preparing to visit family. Yes, I am insane. I know. 

So I think it’s time to reveal the synopsis to my own novel, Angry Blonde. Here we go! 

Forced to take immediate control over her life, Wylie recounts the haunting chain of events that led to her fall from grace.
She explains how she met her modern-day knight, how she eagerly grabbed his hand to join the descent down his crime-infused rabbit hole. She delves deeper through the winding tunnel of her traumatic adolescence, hoping to rid herself of her sins.
Angry Blonde is the confession of a girl who must learn how to create love and safety from fear and hatred.

Ta-da! If you are interested, I’m planning on releasing the novel in early March. I wish I had a set date that I can keep throwing at everyone but I don’t yet. Stay tuned for that and other updates. 


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