Editing: Final Round

My best friend for life (who is also an author) printed out my story and fixed it up for me. I was expecting a lot of grammar mistakes, weird sentence structure, and plot holes. Turns out, a lot of her notes had to do with the story itself. There are a couple of things I need to add to have the story and characters’ actions make sense to the reader which I totally wouldn’t have thought about. I’m the type of person who will give a minimal amount of detail and elaboration as long as the reader gets the point. But I have to remember that since the story is in my head, I already understand the whole thing. it’s up to me to make 100% sure that my readers do, too.

So the point is, always, always have someone else look over your work before you finish it. The more people with more writing skills, the better but not every author has friends with similar interests or can afford an editor, so anyone will do as long as they put in the time and effort. An avid reader will be able to do a decent job pointing out grammatical errors and suggesting better vocabulary.

So with this printed version, I shall devote this week to changing the computer version and then (sigh) format it to a Kindle-friendly version. Which wouldn’t take up a huge amount of time if I didn’t have a house to clean and kids to take care of (BTW, that groundhog in Pennsylvania will end up in my frying pan, extra crispy, within the next 10 years.* My oldest hasn’t been to school since Friday and we’re probably going to get more snow tomorrow. -__-) After this final round, I am saving it, converting it, and never looking at it again until it’s released. (Yeah, right).

And then next week, reaching out to reviewers like myself, hoping they’ll be interested enough to read/review my very own novel. Eek! I’ll push all the anxiety about that to next week. One. Thing. At. A. Time.

*I don’t really believe in Groundhog’s Day. I live in the Northeast, where winter coat season lasts until May. If we see Spring sometime within the next 6 weeks, there will be an outrage (can’t please everyone).


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