Book Review: The Falling of Love

The Falling of Love (Falling, #1)

Synopsis: Grace Hathaway is no stranger to tragedy. At the age of ten Grace tragically lost both her parents in a boating accident, leaving her older brother James to take over the task of raising his two younger sisters. Grace tries to lead the life of a normal teenager, but assumes some of the responsibility of caring for her younger sister Michelle and taking care of her parent’s home. Grace is a talented aspiring artist mature beyond her years. Her world is turned upside down the day that Ian Taylor, misfit-rocker-rebel, clanks his way into her mathematics class. At first sight, Grace is taken by Ian’s alluring nature. The two fall deeply in love with each other quickly. After learning of Ian’s troubled family life James allows Ian to move into the Hathaway home. A dramatic turn of events sends Ian and Grace on the road to Los Angeles, CA where Ian pursues his dream of becoming a rock star. New challenges present themselves to Grace as Ian dives head first into the lifestyle of an LA rocker. Forced to grow up all too quickly, Grace is now faced with heart wrenching circumstances that change her life forever.
The Falling of Love is the first novel in a series of novels that will follow Grace Hathaway’s life and personal struggles. Everyone has a beginning to their story and an end…
This is the beginning of Grace’s story.

My rating:
Characters: Grace and Ian are the two main characters, high-schoolers that fall completely head over heels for each other. At first, Ian puts up a surly front but knocks it down for Grace much faster than I expected. Grace is a sweet and responsible girl but oddly sexually experienced considering she was a virgin in the beginning of the novel. Other characters include Grace’s siblings, Melissa and James, and Ian’s best friend Jaden. All three of those characters are developed enough- I especially liked Melissa’s sassy attitude- but I couldn’t understand the motive behind almost any of James’s actions.
Plot: Ian and Grace meet, fall in love, and eventually move to California together after an unexpected situation arises. They are eager to leave their pasts behind, but then Ian gets a little too caught up in the rock star lifestyle. Fed up, Grace leaves and moves on with her life, but there is always a part of her that still loves Ian. He gets himself together and searches for her, but fears it may already be too late. The story is a lot like a typical young romance, but different as well since the characters had their own unique backgrounds. I found myself rooting for their love to pull through even though it may have been more toxic than good. This is the first book of a trilogy, so I’d be interested in reading what happens next.
Writing: Oldham uses great vocabulary and descriptions, but her sentence structure and grammar fall a little flat. I think if she played around a bit more with her words, the novel would have been fantastic, but unfortunately writing style can either make or break a book. The sequence of events flowed nicely and were intriguing enough for me to want to know what happens next, as well as the fate of the two lovers. I would recommend The Falling Of Love to those who enjoy young romance with a little bit of racy scenes mixed in.


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