Oh hi, my ignored blog, nice to see you again.

Yes, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy. Yeah, yeah, the old excuse. But I really have been busy with work. Writing, unfortunately, is not my career – right now it’s just a hobby. Then there’s the whole getting the kids outside so they don’t grow up to be creepy, pallid, glazed-eyed teenagers. It’s not as easy as one would think, living in the city. So in my real world, being out and interactive takes precedence.

Buuut of course that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. I just have to get everything balanced out and for the love of God, stop procrastinating and wasting time. It will come soon. I’m even getting fed up with myself. Anyway, I have a couple of book reviews coming, so stay tuned for those. My second novel is calling seductively to me, but I have to ignore it right now (sadface) and work on promoting the first better.

Oh, and I didn’t know it was Easter weekend until today. O.o  


I’d like to take a time-out.

From my usual author spotlights and book reviews – but don’t worry, they’ll be back after this. 

So first I’ll make an update about my book publishing process. I’m working with a cover designer right now. I’ve edited and re-edited, and I have people reading it over. I’m very excited to release it next year, which is creeping up on me. And the ball is rolling. I’m still very nervous about it being shown to the public, but after the new year, I’ll have a distraction….a new story, waiting to be started. I don’t want to start now because I don’t have any time during the holidays. I’ll only be torturing myself, haha. 

The synopsis for my book will be released very soon. The cover should be done sometime in early 2014. I’m going to post it here but honestly, I don’t really care much about covers. I know other people do, so I’m making sure I have an interesting one, but that’s about it. I’ve seen some of my cover designer’s work and she seems more than capable so I’m leaving most of it up to her. 

On an even more personal note, you know I’m a mother of 2 small kids. (If you didn’t read my profile, I am, in fact, a mother of 2 small, rambunctious….I mean, wonderful kids). i was the first of my family and friends to have children, so I didn’t really know anyone I could relate to about, well, pretty much anything. So long, very long, dramatic story short, I met a group of mothers and one of them is Brandy. Her blog is mostly about about raising her 2 year old daughter, but she brings up some other current events as well. So parents of toddlers, check her out here: http://momtoamunchkin.blogspot.com/

So I hope everyone has a stress-free, relaxing, and happy holidays. Even though that isn’t always easy, especially if you’re playing Santa and/or have an excruciating holiday work schedule. But even if your Christmas is probably going to suck this year, there is always New Year’s Eve.