Oh hi, my ignored blog, nice to see you again.

Yes, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy. Yeah, yeah, the old excuse. But I really have been busy with work. Writing, unfortunately, is not my career – right now it’s just a hobby. Then there’s the whole getting the kids outside so they don’t grow up to be creepy, pallid, glazed-eyed teenagers. It’s not as easy as one would think, living in the city. So in my real world, being out and interactive takes precedence.

Buuut of course that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. I just have to get everything balanced out and for the love of God, stop procrastinating and wasting time. It will come soon. I’m even getting fed up with myself. Anyway, I have a couple of book reviews coming, so stay tuned for those. My second novel is calling seductively to me, but I have to ignore it right now (sadface) and work on promoting the first better.

Oh, and I didn’t know it was Easter weekend until today. O.o  


FB certified.

Okay, maybe not. But I did make an author FB. Now I have people who will most likely to read my book measured in amount of “likes.” It’s a little nerve-wracking. The whole process is raising my anxiety but….I’m doing it anyway. Even if it drives me insane, it will be worth it. Right? I mean, the worst that could happen is no one buys the book right? And the few who do will hate it? So then I take it off Amazon and stop using the FB page. Big deal. 


Don’t mind me, I’m just coaching myself apparently. I may need to refer back to this post if I ever start thinking “Why did I do this?” I actually don’t really have a legitimate answer for that. But I have a question that everyone keeps asking me. 


“Why not?” 



Thought for the day.

WARNING: Profanity. Not because I particularly like using the F-word(except when I’m angry, then I love it) but it’s part of the point of this strange thought. 

I have always shunned the social media scene. But now, I’m delving into it to shamelessly promote my book, but also to gain insight on the mindset of my generation. (If you can’t tell, I don’t interact with many people my age anymore. Having kids will do that.) Now that I’m more uh, involved, I can say I do not like what I’m seeing. 

In our culture in this day and age, we are taught, in simplest terms that “not giving a fuck” is a type of standard that our youth has to live up to. I touch upon this subject in my book, but I didn’t see the true effect of this attitude until now. Young guys hooking up with girls without protection, yet calling them whores and seeing them only as objects. Girls having babies and then a week later drinking in the club, leaving their infant with their mothers. And also, the music of today with lyrics nothing more profound than getting drunk and hooking up. 

All of this behavior, plus the influence to not give a fuck and only care about yourself, is emptying this generation of passion. Forget being considerate and empathetic to others. That is only learned the hard way, through time. but from an early age, the passion is beaten out of a child until they “don’t give a fuck” about anything other than today, and how THEY feel at that very moment. 

I can relate to this since I spent quite a bit of my adolescence carrying this mindset and displaying it proudly on my chest like a badge, but it all went out the window when I had my kids. Sometimes that happens, to the fortunate cases that grow up in 9 months and take responsibility for the next 18+ years. But more often than not(as displayed by the media), the parent is still the same party animal, except now with a birth story and a babysitter. 

So what do we do? Who do we blame? I’ve heard the whole “technology is making the human race dumber/less evolved” and while I can agree to a point, we can’t place all of the blame on technology. It’s our mindset that nothing is shameful that has to change. Not only for our kids’ sake, but for art’s sake. Cultivate emotions, and bring back the real shit.